Field joints and specials

Self-healing membranes & swellable aquastop systems.

Field joints are often considered the weak point in a pipeline because of the challenges that occur as a result of incompatibility between the linepipe, its coating and the field joint material used. Stopaq solves this problem by ensuring that Stopaq’s adhesion to almost all surfaces including PE, PP, PVC, Bitumen Fibreglass, FBE, Polyurethane and concrete, provides a 100% seal from the steel surface of the field joint to the linepipe coating, thereby ensuring that no disbondment or under-creep can occur.

When Stopaq is used, cathodic disbondment cannot occur where the Stopaq is applied, so the pipeline is effectively protected against stray current or other electrical activity for the lifetime of the pipeline.

Stopaq provides a number of different mechanical systems that are specially designed to suite the external conditions that the pipeline will be subjected to. Low soil stress will require a different system from an area of high soil stress. Pipelines running under road crossings or in submerged conditions will require a specific system – no matter what the conditions or the environment Stopaq will provide 100% effective corrosion protection for the life of the pipeline

A totally protected system on a pipeline is required for a pipeline to be corrosion free – Stopaq offers this total protection when the field joints as well as the specials are all protected with Stopaq.

Valves, Flanges, valve chambers, couplings, Tees and bends can all be sealed and protected from the external environment with the use of Stopaq.

Stopaq is currently protecting over 500 million square metres of assets worldwide and its unique field joint and Specials systems are a major contributor to this protection.

Fieldjoints for Oil, Gas, Water, effluent, Chemical Pipelines

Low to Moderate Soil Stress

A. Stopaq Wrappingband CZH + Stopaq Outerwrap (green PVC)

B. Stopaq Wrappingband CZH + HDPE, or PVC

Moderate to higher Soil Stress

A. Stopaq Wrappingband CZH + HSS

High Soil Stress

A. Stopaq CZH Wrappingband + PVC + Outerglass Shield/ Polyester/ GRE


STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH +

STOPAQ Outerwrap PVC or

Stopaq HSS or

STOPAQ Outerglass Shield XT or

STOPAQ Polyester Wrap + STOPAQ Gelcoat

Underground Flanges

STOPAQ 4100 putty

STOPAQ Geotextile

STOPAQ Outerwrap PVC

Above Ground Flanges

Stopaq CZH Paste

Stopaq CZH Wrappingband

Stopaq Outerwrap PVC


STOPAQ 4100 putty or STOPAQ CZH Paste

STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH

STOPAQ Outerwrap PVC