Factory applied pipeline coatings

Factory Applied Pipeline Coatings are mainly used for distribution lines & transmission pipelines in cities, at refineries and across the country for oil, gas and water pipelines.

Worldwide millions of square meters are sealed by STOPAQ. Now, a new pipeline coating technology is applied in the factory or at the jobsite in special made mobile coating plants.

STOPAQ only cooperates with excellent well-known preferred selected suppliers of coating systems like Ehri B.V or in SA Hall Longmore.

Usage - Transmission Pipelines, Distribution pipelines.

Stopaq Basecoat + Stopaq Mechanical Outer Protection Hardcoat GRE (min. 2mm).

The Basecoat can also be mechanically protected by factory applied extruded PE/PP as an External Protection.

The Basecoat can be mechanically protected in mobile units on site by an outer HSS Heat Shrink Wrap

Systems can be applied in factory or in mobile coating plants at the jobsite.

Systems are applied in cooperation with well-known preferred selected suppliers of coating piping such as Ehri or Hall Longmore.