Pipeline coatings

For guaranteed corrosion free gas, oil, water transmission and distribution pipelines, underground and above ground flanges and valves, and pipe saddles STOPAQ is the answer.

STOPAQ can be applied for pipeline rehabilitation work, in the shop or even at the jobsite. SA2.5 blasting with a roughness profile of min. 75 microns is NOT required. The systems are simple and easy to apply. The system does not require special primers or adhesive for mechanical fixating the coating. The system does not require curing time, so backfill can be done immediately. Pipes with a diameter ranging from 50mm to in excess of 4.5m can be simply and effectively protected.

Wall Penetrations at compressor stations

STOPAQ 4100 putty (middle)

STOPAQ 2100 Aquastop (both sides)

STOPAQ Mortar FR (inside) and

STOPAQ Mortar WR (outside)

Pipelines Rehabilitation, bends, t-joints

STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH + STOPAQ Outerwrap PVC/PE

Pipe Saddles

STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH

STOPAQ Polyester or STOPAQ Outerglass XT

Fieldjoints for Oil, Gas, Water, effluent, Chemical Pipelines

Low to Moderate Soil Stress

A. Stopaq Wrappingband CZH + Stopaq Outerwrap (green PVC)

B. Stopaq Wrappingband CZH + HDPE, or PVC

Moderate to higher Soil Stress

A. Stopaq Wrappingband CZH + HSS

High Soil Stress

A. Stopaq CZH Wrappingband + PVC + Outerglass Shield/ Polyester/ GRE


STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH +

STOPAQ Outerwrap PVC or

Stopaq HSS or

STOPAQ Outerglass Shield XT or

STOPAQ Polyester Wrap + STOPAQ Gelcoat

Underground Flanges

STOPAQ 4100 putty

STOPAQ Geotextile

STOPAQ Outerwrap PVC

Above Ground Flanges

Stopaq CZH Paste

Stopaq CZH Wrappingband

Stopaq Outerwrap PVC


STOPAQ 4100 putty or STOPAQ CZH Paste

STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH

STOPAQ Outerwrap PVC


STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH + insulation according spec + Aerogel or suitable insulation

Horizontal Drilling - FAC system

STOPAQ Basecoat (0.85 mm) + STOPAQ Hardcoat GRE (Glass Fibre Reinforced Epoxy)