Certification achieved for ISO standards

Industry leading certification

STOPAQ Corrosion Prevention & Sealant systems are certified according to the KIWA BRLbk911/02, TUV Nord for the ISO 12068, class C50. The systems are approved and tested from minus 45°C to 95°C according to ISO 21809-3. STOPAQ’s primary layers within a system consist of a fully amorphous, non-crosslinkable, non-polar polymer composition which is totally impermeable once applied. The products have a low surface tension and due to their fluid-like nature cannot cathodically disbond. Corrosion through osmosis or MIC is not possible.

Versatile standards

The glass transition temperature is lower than minus 60°C. STOPAQ may be applied even in cryogenic situations. A roughness profile to create better adhesion is not necessary; it is sufficient that the substrate is clean and dry.

Underwater application and immediate adhesion products are also available. STOPAQ is NSF/ANSI 61 approved with additional offshore approvals from the SouthWest Institure for smoke and toxicity.