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Corrosion protection

and sealant systems

STOPAQ produces and supplies worldwide a broad range of innovative corrosion protection and self-healing anti-corrosion solutions

Protect your assets with our anti-corrosion products

Our corrosion protection and sealant systems actively protect structural objects against the daily risk of corrosion. The self-healing systems with unique polyisobutene visco-elastic properties prevent corrosion of your valuable assets for life.

STOPAQ systems are maintenance-free and seal completely and permanently any substrate against the ingress of water, oxygen, bacteria or AC/DC current. STOPAQ offers by far the most environmentally-friendly protection systems in the coatings world. 100% stable, 100% self-healing and 100% adhesion guaranteed!

With the combination of the basic properties of the polyisobutene visco-elastic corrosion prevention and the additional layers of mechanical protection such as PE-, PVC, polyurea, epoxy and acrylic the corrosion protective life span can easily be guaranteed for 30 years.

We prevent corrosion for life

Innovative Values

STOPAQ eliminates adhesion and friction problems to almost all substrates. Due to its fluid-like nature and visco-elastic properties, STOPAQ systems prevent corrosion for life. Thermal friction stress or disbondment related to CP are no longer issues. Surface preparation according to ST-2 or SSPC-3 is sufficient. Severe wet and hot aging tests combined with CP current tests underwrite the guarantee period and a service life level of greater than 60 years.

Market leader

For more than 20 years, STOPAQ has been the market leader in developing new applications for sealing and corrosion prevention meeting the most stringent safety and health requirements. Every day our people are developing and searching for new solutions using intelligent engineering from a total cost approach to ensure the end-user a safe and sound system.

We supply solutions to a wide market

In many markets, from onshore pipelines, refineries to offshore platforms, subsea pipelines and civil structures, STOPAQ solutions can be found making the impossible possible.